We are always happy to welcome volunteers at The Manor. Our volunteers fill a variety of roles such as organizing activities and visiting with residents. We do offer community service opportunities for local high school students needing to complete community service hours.

To learn about available volunteer opportunities please download to print or email the application in PDF form, fill our online application below or call 860-229-0336 and ask for our Activity Director.

Monsignor Bojowski Manor makes an investment in each person who comes into our facility to volunteer. Therefore it is important that each volunteer applicant understand and agree to the items listed below. Volunteer placement is contingent on acceptance into the program following successful completion of the interview and screening process. Please read each of the following bullet points. You must understand and agree to each point in order for your application to be reviewed. Failure to agree will discontinue your application.

Statement of understanding:

1. Volunteers agree to commit to 50 hours of service, above the orientation time, within a six month period.

2. Volunteer service is provided to Monsignor Bojowski Manor with no remuneration/compensation.

3. There is no association, either actual or implied between volunteer services and employment with Monsignor Bojowski Manor

4. The Activity Director agrees to write a letter stating hours served and whether or not the original commitment to Monsignor Bojowski Manor has been fulfilled.

5. After the interview, the average time to complete the steps to becoming a volunteer is 3 to 4 weeks. I understand that if I fail to complete each step in a timely manner or if the time it takes to complete the steps exceed 6 weeks, the Activity Director reserves the right to rescind the offer of placement in the Monsignor Bojowski Manor Volunteer Program.


Online Volunteer Application

Volunteer Application

  • In the section below please summarize and relevant skills and experience that exemplify your background, including other work experiences, patient care situations, computer/equipment skills, hobbies, or other special qualifications, capabilities or particular interests you may have. You may also want to include any other languages that you can speak:
  • Please indicate the days and times you are available to volunteer.
  • Please indicate your area(s) of interest for volunteer service.
  • Please list the full name, relationship and phone number of your emergency contact.
  • Please list two people with phone numbers, who are adults not related to you, who know you and can answer questions regarding your character and abilities. Please let these references know that we will be contacting them.